Creating vs. Consuming Content

I think that an imbalance in creating and consuming exists for almost everyone. It is so much easier to sit on your couch and listen to a podcast than it is to exercise your creativity to create a piece of content that you think might help other people, but it is so much more rewarding getting something out there that people might relate to or learn something from. Also, creating good content can open many doors for you. I recently got a student from my high school a software engineering internship at the startup I work for simply because he was creating authentic, high quality content that showed me he’s down to earth and a deep thinker. I recently got coffee with an old acquaintance that mentioned that they’d read my blog posts and enjoyed them. I would guess that half the reason they were willing to get coffee was because my blog left a good impression on them. Not only can creating content improve the lives of those around you but it can also open many doors for you. I love to learn. This leads to me consuming content from podcasts, books, blog posts to technical documentation constantly. I find myself consuming much more content than I’m creating. This is not an ideal balance. Ideally I would split my time about 50/50 - creating/consuming, for the time that I can reasonably create content (an example of an unreasonable time in my opinion would be riding the bus to and from work). It is much easier to consume content than create it in that environment. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever ridden public transportation in San Francisco. It’s a madhouse. Anyways, creating content is very important to me, and I have neglected that ever since I’ve begun my career as a software engineer. Working for a startup is very demanding, and it’s easy to neglect things that are important to me personally while focusing on work. Writing blog posts is important to me, so in the new year I’m going to prioritize that. I like to do things systematically to ensure that I stick to them, so my goal is to spend 30 mins a day creating content. That may not sound like very much but I bet it’ll add up. And probably after I get some inertia going I’ll end up spending more than the allotted 30 mins. Thanks for reading, and good luck with all of your new years goals! ZT