Reflecting on My Week in Mexico

I spent last week in Tijuana, Mexico building a home for a family of three. The father’s name was Felipe, the wife’s Maria, and their approximately two year old son’s name was Steven. Throughout the week I worked with Felipe on his future house and grew close to the kind and gentle 38 year old man. Despite my mediocre public school Spanish education we were able to communicate surprisingly well with a variety of gestures and a few words basically limited to bueno, bien, mas, and gracias. I grew very fond of Felipe. Despite being so unfortunate (according to our western standards) he was benevolent and upbeat throughout the week. When it came time for us to pass the key over to him and his family I cried like a baby. So did Maria, and I believe I saw Felipe tear up at one point. I was overcome with emotion thinking about the impact that we had just had on this lovely family. We had just provided them with a home to raise their young child in. A vessel that will provide countless beautiful memories associated with raising a child. This past week was easily one of the greatest experiences in my life. I can’t wait to get back there next year. Thanks for reading, Zach