Life as a Growth Engineer

I’ve been a “Growth Engineer” for about a month and a half now. I love it. I feel like a cowboy behind the keyboard. To put things in perspective, I’m coming from a typical software engineering job where I was working on our core product. In a typical engineering job, production database access is limited, the release process is lengthy, and testing is (relatively) rigorous. There are many other processes necessary to support a product with many paying users. This slows down building, but it is a necessary and good thing for an established product. As a growth engineer, I’m the only engineer on my team and I’m building new products as quickly as possible. There is literally zero friction between me writing code and pushing it to production. I write and push code on the production branch if I need to push a hotfix. I manipulate our production database in any way I need or want to. I do whatever I have to do to push code and build as quickly as possible. It’s massively liberating and the amount of ownership I have is unparalleled. I’m literally the only engineer on the new product, so it’s my baby. It’s exciting, fun, and entrepreneurial. I think this type of engineering may be my calling. Moving at lightning speed while maximizing ownership and impact makes me very happy. The stress levels are higher. I’m ok with that for now. I’m doing my best to work at a sustainable rate. Hopefully I’ll be able to work at this rate for a very long time. Additionally, I feel as if I’m headed in the right general direction. It’s a goal of mine to eventually start a company and this experience is perfect training. In SF it’s very tempting to pursue a job at a larger company and get one of those outlandishly inflated engineering salaries. But I think my current path is more aligned with my real long term entrepreneurial goals. If we’re able to successfully launch multiple products it’ll be a no brainer for me to found/cofound a SAAS company. Hopefully after being a “Growth Engineer” for a while I have the confidence and experience to go for it and succeed. Only time will tell. Thanks for reading, Zach