Thoughts on Failure

It’s common these days in San Francisco and the tech community to glorify failure. I often hear things such as “seek out failure”. Personally, I don’t think this is good advice. You should never seek out failure. You should always try your best to succeed. That being said, I think the whole “seek out failure” idea helps with a few things: 1. We should care more about growing/learning than success/failure 2. We should never be afraid of failure [1] 3. When we do fail it should not deter us from trying again [2] If telling yourself to “seek out failure” helps accomplish these three points then I guess it’s an acceptable means to an end. But I think it would be a mistake if you were to outright believe that you should “seek out failure”. Failure is valuable because it occurs when you really want to succeed. If you go into something trying to fail it won’t matter to you enough to learn those lasting lessons when you do fail. Thanks for reading, Zach [1] A fear of failure will prevent you from trying new/hard things. Trying new/hard things forces us to grow/learn. We should care more about growing/learning than success/failure(1.). From my post on the growth mindset: “The growth mindset is defining your success by how much you improve, not by what you actually achieve. If you maintain this growth mindset it will facilitate growth and improvement in your life, while comparing yourself to others or defining success based on what you achieved will often lead to discouragement and less growth.” ( [2] If you aren’t failing regularly you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough or trying enough new things.