Startups + Age Discrimination

I just finished reading “Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble” by Dan Lyons. One of the biggest takeaways for me was how real age discrimination is in the startup world. The aspiring contrarian/value investor in me makes me wonder if this is actually an opportunity for startups to pick up experienced employees. If most startups aren’t willing to hire or pay older employees as much as they deserve then these experienced employees may be undervalued. (In addition to the fact that diversity in any way shape or form will help your organization in the first place). Regardless, I highly recommend checking out “Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble” and taking a walk in Dan's shoes. In the words of George R.R. Martin: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”