Weightlifting and the Growth Mindset

If you know me you know I love lifting weights, and I often find myself thinking about how many principles that I apply to weight lifting are applicable to other aspects of life as well. When lifting weights it is essentially your goal to seek out failure. You want to lift until you can't do another rep and you fail on that last rep. It's at that point of failure that your muscles get bigger and stronger and you improve as a weight lifter. You can apply this same principle to life by setting goals for yourself that may not be realistically achievable. If you work as hard as you can and fail while trying to achieve that goal, then odds are you've learned a ton and became better at whatever it is you were trying to achieve during that process. The important thing is not to focus on failure, but to focus on how much you improved during the process of trying to achieve your goal. This leads into the growth mindset. The growth mindset is defining your success by how much you improve, not by what you actually achieve. If you maintain this growth mindset it will facilitate growth and improvement in your life, while comparing yourself to others or defining success based on what you achieved will often lead to discouragement and less growth. Thanks for reading, Zach